Ocerico A Litter

A Litter

UGRCH Dakir Kaheela de Moreau x UCH Ya’Richa Nuri al Baida
Born January 29, 2007
Three Males and Three Females all in Sand with Black Mantles and Black Masks

The A Litter combined American, German and Italian bloodlines of two UKC group winning, champion parents.

Birth OrderNameSex

Birth Weight

Week 1 Weight

Week 2 Weight

Week 3 Weight

1.Ocerico AriannaF20 oz.2 lb. 6 oz.3 lb. 8 oz.4 lb. 6 oz.
2.Ocerico ArionM20 oz.2 lb. 8 oz.4 lb. 3 oz.5 lb. 11 oz.
3.Ocerico A’Onyx at CatalystF20 oz.2 lb. 9 oz.3 lb. 14 oz.4 lb. 11 oz.
4.Ocerico AnisetteF21 oz.2 lb. 8 oz.4 lb. 1 oz.5 lb. 1 oz.
5.Ocerico Za’ Al-Basha Nuri al BaidaM20 oz.2 lb. 8 oz.3 lb. 12 oz.4 lb. 13 oz.
6.Ocerico AlinghiM25 oz.2 lb. 14 oz.4 lb. 4 oz.5 lb. 12 oz.

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