national specialty winner

UCH Ocerico Alinghi CM2 JC CGCA


BISS UGCH Dakir Kaheela de Moreau x UCH Ya’Richa Nuri-al-Baida

Alinghi was the last born puppy in our first Sloughi litter. He came into the world in the same way he lived his life, unhurried and calmly and a full 20% larger than all of his siblings. We called him Biggie as a puppy.

A lovely Swiss couple, Daniela and Andreas, who had no interest in showing and had never shown before, wanted to have Biggie join their family. It was a perfect match as he had an overbite as a puppy and I did not think he would develop show potential as a result. He was placed as a companion with these lovely, gentle people who had had Sloughis before.

Alinghi filled their hearts and their home with his loving disposition and his friendly, intelligent nature…and he went on to win the National Specialty and to become the first Certificate of Merit (CM) in the breed and then the first CM2!

He was a beautiful ambassador for the breed and charmed everyone he met everywhere he went. He was always special, and we still think of him often and with great fondness.

Photos of Alinghi

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