CH Ocerico Fezzan, TKI, BCAT

CH Ocerico Fezzan, TKI, BCAT
(GCH Taban Bohemia Genao, CM x UCH Amiass Shubah al Warda)
Born April 19, 2020

We are extremely proud of this feisty little spitfire in his exotic coat.  We love his expression, his conformation and his curious, indomitable attitude.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Fezzan.

      • Youngest AKC TKN Sloughi in history at exactly 4 months of age.
      • First AKC TKI Sloughi in history.
      • Fezzan has been tested by Optimal Selection and Embark.  Click on the image below to link to his full Embark results, which are publicly available.

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