CH Ocerico Fezzan BCAT TKI FITB


GCH Taban Bohemia Genao, CM x UCH Amiass Shubah al Warda
Born April 19, 2020

Oicha’s pedigree is uniquely 50% desert bred Tunisian.

He has been especially endearing since he was born. An extremely exotic black mantle on black/red brindle, he was the youngest Sloughi in history to earn his TKN title (Trick Dog Novice) at exactly four months of age, and he was the first TKI (Trick Dog Intermediate) Sloughi in history as well. He is an extreme athlete and is easily the fastest Sloughi we have had. He is spending his time in agility classes now, which he loves, and delighting us at home with his exceptionally affectionate and unique personality.

Fezzan has been tested by Optimal Selection and Embark.  He is OFA CHIC Registered No. 158458.

Photos of Oicha

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