The E Litter at Six Weeks

The little darlings have organized into a wild pack of thugs. ¬†They move en masse like a swarm of bees, devouring everything in their paths and taking no prisoners ūüėČ ¬†Trying to keep them clean is a full time job.

They are eating very well now, rather voraciously actually.  And they are thoroughly enjoying warm days in the garden.  Tomorrow they will receive their third worming and have their nails clipped again (I can hardly wait).

We are working on stacking. ¬†Some are more cooperative than others. ¬†Einas¬†(#9) is affectionately being nicknamed “Sleepy” because of his napping proclivities. ¬†In fact, in these photos, he laid down every time I took my hands off of him. ¬†(You can tell in his photo that he is sinking again, but we couldn’t force the baby to stand.) ¬†Elamira¬†(#1) possibly has a binge disorder. ¬†That girl loves food! ¬†Essam (#6) ¬†and Eshe (#3) are the two wildest and most outgoing Sloughi puppies I have had, followed closely by Eliana (#2), Ehsan (#5) and Everest (#8). ¬†Elham (#4) and Emmelia¬†(#10) are very bonded to one another, and although Emmelia is shyer and more demure than her sister, she is an incredibly sweet little girl. ¬†Elham, by the way, won the prize today for “Most Likely to Be a Show Dog.” ¬†Offer her some chicken and she will stack right up. ¬†Einas and El-Djem (#7) are the most reserved of the boys, and I cannot say that I blame them. Their littermates can be downright dangerous!

They will be leaving us soon to begin their adventures in their new, forever homes. ¬†We will surely miss them (but a little peace and quiet won’t be bad either).


  1. i love these puppies. have been watcching them and also reading all info i can find on the breeed. i have always been involved with pointers and at 1 point i had 15. some were kept from my very first litter which i showed and later bred. i have lost 6 to cancer or old age things. still have 9 with the oldest female being 14. next are 12, 11, 9, 9,8, 5, 2,2,. i love the sighthounds and am interested in learning more and possibly owning one at some point. i show my pointers, compete in rally, obedience and hunting test to which i earned the title field breeder of the year a few years ago. i have owner/breeder handled 19 chs., earned 12 hunting titles, 4 ob. titles and 3 rally titles. i suffered a brain anyeurism and stroke that took away most of my periphial vision and depth of field along with some short term memory. other than that i am 100% at 68 years old. still active and walk dogs as a hobby/business for clients. would like more info on what you desire from owners, what testing you have on your breeding dogs, anything special i should know about the breed. thank you for your time, kathy PNR POINTERS in charlestown, ri

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for your note. The best way to correspond is by sending me your email on my contact form. Thanks so much for your interest in the puppies ūüôā Erika

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