Ocerico D Litter

  Multi BIMC UCI Int. Champion Taban Bohemia Genao, CM x Fellouja

This litter combines outstanding bloodlines from North Africa.  These puppies will be 50% desert bred Moroccan, 25% desert bred Tunisian, and 12.5% desert bred Libyan.  Both parents are Optigen tested NORMAL for PRA.  Neither of them carries the gene for Sloughi PRA.  See full pedigree here:  http://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&ids=3:894311;2:1143963&g=4&p=slo&date=iso&o=ajgrep

These puppies will be AKC FSS and FCI (Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico) registered and eligible for UKC registration as well.

Taban and Fouji produced five brindle girls, including both sand and red brindles, and two sand boys — one sand and one red sand.

Birth Order
Time Born
Birth Weight
1. Ocerico Djohari 4:31 pm Female Red Brindle 18.3 oz
2. Ocerico Dima 6:40 pm Female Light Brindle 20.2 oz
3. Ocerico Dreia 6:56 pm Female Sand Brindle 16.2 oz
4. Ocerico Djada de Moreau 7:07 pm Female Red Brindle 19.2 oz
5. Ocerico Dhaakir 8:28 pm Male Sand 17.3 oz
6. Ocerico Dahi 9:39 pm Male Red Sand 22.6 oz
7. Ocerico Djordana de Moreau 9:01 am on 12/25/13 Female Red Brindle 15.2 oz


*  Their AKC FSS registration papers will indicate that they were born on December 24, 2013 because AKC will only allow one date of birth for the entire litter.

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