Ocerico D Litter

D Litter

Multi BIMC UCI Int. Champion Taban Bohemia Genao, CM x Fellouja
Born December 24, 2013

Five brindle girls, including both sand and red brindles, and two sand boys — one sand and one red sand.

This litter combines outstanding bloodlines from North Africa.  These puppies will be 50% desert bred Moroccan, 25% desert bred Tunisian, and 12.5% desert bred Libyan

Birth OrderNameSexTime BornColorBirth Weight
1Ocerico DjohariF4:31 PMRed Brindle18.3 oz.
2Ocerico DimaF6:40 PMLight Brindle20.2 oz.
3Ocerico DreiaF6:56 PMSand Brindle16.2 oz.
4Ocerico Djada de MoreauF7:07 PMRed Brindle19.2 oz.
5Ocerico DhaakirM8:28 PMSand with Black Mask17.3 oz.
6Ocerico DahiM9:39 PMRed Sand with Black Mask22.6 oz.
7Ocerico Djordana de MoreauF9:01 AM on 12/25/13Red Brindle15.2 oz.

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