A Fun Day with Midwest Coursing Club

We decided to take Sammy and Sultan for a try at lure coursing today (even though neither of them had ever seen the lure) up in beautiful Caledonia, Wisconsin.  And then we decided to take Chase and Qolt along for the socialization and so that they could see the lure.

We ended up not running Sammy.  The coursing field is unfenced and on a fairly well traveled road and I was worried that if he got scared, he could get lost before we could get him back.   Sultan had his first Tally Ho today, and he entertained himself splendidly — loped after the lure for a while, then explored some tall grass, then loped after the lure again at a leisurely pace, then he saw his dad and ran off to say hello, then he came back and loped a few more strides before a brief time out to relieve himself, then he ran up to me, tail wagging and tongue lolling, to let me know how much fun he was having.  🙂  I am afraid he did not take this very seriously.  Sloughis who have chased live game before are sometimes funny about an artificial lure.  We will try again another day.

In the meantime, we all enjoyed a beautiful day in the sun with a refreshing breeze with the Sloughis.

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