The E Litter at Four Weeks

Well, it is a whole new ball game around here.  The little darlings have turned into a marauding, demanding pack of furry velociraptors.  😉  They are quite mobile now and they have begun eating a bit of solid food together with their goat milk and nursing (although Amiass is less and less tolerant of little needle teeth).

We  came back from the National Specialty in Louisville on the 19th and all three of the Sloughis who went came down with kennel cough.  Fortunately, it has not been too serious and no one has missed a meal or run a temperature.

It has now managed to spread to nearly all of the rest of the adults.  I thought one puppy was getting a cough this morning, but as of now, they are all hanging tough.

They are all developing quite beautifully.  Some of them were much more cooperative in stacking than others…

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