Ocerico F Litter

F Litter

Multi BISS GCH Taban Bohemia Genao CM x
UCH Amiass Shubah al-Warda
Born April 18, 2020

Born in the middle of the COVID shut down, the F litter had three beautiful boys in red sand, sand brindle and black mantle on red-black brindle and two black mantled girls – one on sand and the other red sand. Being locked down at home, we had so much fun with these beautiful babies!

We have many updates and photos on the F Litter in our blog and on your Ocerico YouTube Channel.

Birth OrderNameSexColorBirth Weight
1Ocerico FeijaFBlack Mantle on Red Sand19 oz.
2Ocerico FayajMSand Brindle20 oz.
3Ocerico FaijanMRed Sand20 oz.
4Ocerico FezzanMBlack Mantle on Red-Black Brindle17 oz.
5Ocerico FarjanaFBlack Mantle on Sand18 oz.

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