Ocerico E Litter

E Litter

MULTI BIS / MULTI BISS INT and AKC CH Dune des Sources de l’Oum-er-Rbia, CM  x UKC CH Amiass Shubah al Warda.
Ten beautiful puppies, 5 girls and 5 boys born on March 3, 2017

Birth OrderNameSexColorBirth Weight
1Ocerico ElamiraFBlack Brindle17 oz.
2Ocerico ElianaFRed Sand15 oz.
3Ocerico EstellaFRed Sand15 oz.
4Ocerico ElhamFSand Brindle16 oz.
5Ocerico EhsanMSand15 oz.
6Ocerico EssamMRed Brindle16 oz.
7Ocerico El-DjemMRed Sand16 oz.
8Ocerico EverestMSand16 oz.
9Ocerico EinasMSand12 oz.
10Ocerico EmmeliaFDark Brindle15 oz.

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