Ocerico Hadiat


GCH Itri Ocerico BCAT FITB x

GCH Rima Siham Sahara CA DCAT FITB

Born November 30, 2021

Sage was one of the most promising puppies from our H litter. Beautiful, vivacious and extremely outgoing, she also had the temperament to succeed in just about anything.

She was originally placed, but that placement was not suitable for her. We exercised our right to take her back in December 2022. . Since then, we have worked hard to rehabilitate her physically as well as mentally and emotionally. She has enjoyed trick dog and agility classes, walks, and lots of positive socialization around town with her human and Sloughi family and friends. She has a particular affection for her father, Itri, and loves to rough house with him.

Sage is OFA CHIC registered, No. 188853. She is OFA CAER Normal, PRA Clear, OFA Adv. Cardiac Normal.

Although she is major pointed, I don’t know if she will ever recover enough to be comfortable stepping into the show ring again. If she doesn’t want to do it, that is okay with us. The rest of her life will be filled with positive experiences and never again will she be pushed beyond her limits. We love her dearly.

Sage, at left on the night she came home in December 2022, and at right as she is as of June 2023, in healthy condition after gaining nine pounds of body weight and gaining proper muscle.

Photos of Sage

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