Multi BISS / Multi UKC Group Winning
UCH Fantasy’s Argos de Moreau


Vunic Kaheela de Moreau x Bagheera Kaheela de Moreau
May 23, 2005 – March 23, 2014

Paulo died unexpectedly after a very short illness.  He was one of the kindest dogs we have ever known and was loyal and extremely protective. His noble character and tender spirit are missed every single day.

Paulo was bred by and was co-owned with very dear friends of ours. We thank Philip Senior of The SightHounds of Fantasy, Paulo‚Äôs breeder, as well as Ermine Moreau-Sipiere, of Moreau-Sipiere International Sloughis, whom we were proud to have co-own this outstanding boy with us.

Paulo finished his UKC Championship with ease, in four consecutive shows, just like his amazing sister, Ancora. Paulo was in retirement, enjoying the easy life at home.

Photos of Paulo

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