Multi BIS / Multi BISS / Multi BIMC GRCH Fantasy’s Starry Night


We extend our gratitude to Philip Senior of The SightHounds of Fantasy, Ancora’s breeder and co-owner, for sending us this gorgeous girl.

Ancora descends from the bloodlines of our dear friends at Moreau-Sipiere International Sloughis, and exemplifies the type and gorgeous head of the de Moreau breeding program. Ancora began showing conformation in January 2008 and finished her UKC championship in four consecutive shows, taking three Bests of Breed and Group Firsts over specials. Ancora is the top Best in Show winning Sloughi in US history, including 4 all breed BIS and 8 BISS.

  • Top Best in Show winning Sloughi in US history
  • 12 Bests in Show (4 All Breed and 8 Specialties, including twice winning the ASLA National Specialty Show)
  • 3 All Breed Reserve Bests in Show
  • Multi Bests in Miscellaneous Class
  • 20 Times Best in Group
  • 33 Bests of Breed
  • First Best in Miscellaneous Class Sloughi in History
  • First Female UKC Grand Champion Sloughi in History
  • #1 Sloughi, UKC, 2010
  • Best in Show 2010 USA Sloughi Specialty
  • #1 Sloughi, UKC, 2009
  • Best in Show, 2009 ASLA  National Specialty Show
  • Best in Show, 2009 ASLA Summertide Specialty Show
  • Best in Show, 2009 USA Specialty Show
  • Best of Breed, 2008 UKC      Top Ten Invitational
  • #1 Sloughi, UKC, 2008
  • Best in Show, 2008 ASLA National Specialty Show
  • Best in Show, 2008 ASLA Oktoberfest Specialty Show
  • Best in Show, 2008 ASLA Great Lakes Specialty Show
  • Best in Show, 2008 ASLA Chicagoland Specialty Show
  • Best Brace in Show, 2008 ASLA National Specialty Show (with litter sister Fantasy’s Arabesque      Arietta)
  • Optigen tested Normal for PRA #07-11664
  • CERF




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