Ain-Zafir Ejaz

Imp. Norway 2011

CH Ain Zafir Bariiq x Ain Zafir Djamila
August 11, 2010 – June 3, 2023

Our beautiful black masked, red sand boy arrived on February 3, 2011 from Norway with his black mantled sand brother, Ain Zafir El-Marees. (El-Marees is owned by our friends, Julie and Mya.)

We were amazed at Jasper’s easy going and confident attitude and with his amazingly lovable character. Unfortunately, Jasper was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, so he was neutered and never bred.  He was also equivocal for hypothyroidism. He received excellent medical attention and enjoyed his retirement with care and management throughout his life. He was very much loved and valued in our home.

  • Best in Miscellaneous Class winner
  • Best of Breed winner
  • Qualified for 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championships
  • Optigen tested Normal for PRA, Optigen Accession No.11-10437
  • Jasper was tested by Embark  as well as by Optigen (PRA).  Because Jasper had Addison’s disease, we donated his DNA to both Embark as well as UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory so that someday we will be able to identify the genes responsible for this autoimmune disorder. 
  • Jasper’s OFA medical testing is available publicly online here.

Jasper left us on his own terms, peacefully and at home on June 3, 2023. We will forever miss his sweet personality and his melt-your-heart eyes.

Photos of Jasper

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