Ocerico H Litter Turns Two Weeks Old

The sweet, little dumplings have turned two weeks old.  They have continued to do their Puppy Culture early neurological stimulation exercises, and they have had some firsts as well.  They had their first nail trims and they have opened their eyes to the big world around them.  They are increasingly mobile and have been practicing their little staggering, drunken sailor walks.  They get cuter by the day.


  1. Hi,

    I am very interested in getting one of your male Sloughi puppies (H Litter). Is it still available? If I pass your screening test and decide to have one as our new family member, could you tell me the the price range for a male puppy?


    • Thank you for your interest, Henry. All puppies from the H litter are reserved. If you are interested in a puppy from a future litter, please fill out our questionnaire. Best, Erika

    • Hello, Henry. Thank you for your inquiry. If you are interested in discussing a future puppy, please fill out our questionnaire at this link: Puppy Buyer Questionnaire. Kind regards.

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