Imp. Morocco 2013



Saphir x Smara
October 27, 2007 – May 8, 2020

I shall be forever grateful to my late friend, Mohammed Soujaa, and the Soujaa family for the incredible gift of Fellouja.  Fouji was the mother of my beloved Dune.  She arrived in the US on July 2, 2013 directly from Meknès, Morocco.  She was an exquisite, effeminate example of the breed with a long history of hunting in her native country.  Fellouja’s breeding was 100% desert bred Moroccan.

Fouji was spayed after one litter and retired from breeding. She was the proud mother of our D Litter.

She lived her life out much loved and in comfort.


Fouji was Optigen tested Normal for PRA, Optigen Accession #: 13-11245 and was OFA CHIC registered.


Photos of Fouji

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