I returned last night from a whirlwind trip to Washington DC to meet our newest imports from Morocco, Qolt Siham Sahara and Qassam Azur Siham Sahara, who arrived with their sister, Qamilah Siham Sahara.  All three made the long journey from El Jadida and are the first Sloughis from Mariana Raposo’s Siham-Sahara Sloughis to come to the United States.
Bite marks in Ela 🙁
My friend, Karen, who is Qamilah’s owner, made the trip with me and brought her current Sloughis, Dahi and Ela along for the ride.  I only mention Dahi and Ela because while we were waiting for the flight to arrive, we took them to a dog park where Ela got bitten by a pitbull (after veterinary hours, of course, and less than an hour before the puppies were arriving).  Dog parks can be very dangerous places.  We have to use them from time to time when traveling for shows, but this is just a reminder to be very vigilant about other dogs and their ignorant owners (who, in this case, snuck off in his car with his dogs while we were trying to assess how badly Ela was injured). On to more pleasant topics… The puppies arrived in great shape and are perhaps the most confident Sloughi puppies I have ever met.  These are the first Sloughis All three are beautiful, and Karen and I are anxious to get them out and about. Qassam Azur has proven himself very adept at making friends and has already earned himself the call name of Chase – simply because he loves to be chased.  Qolt is a little more suspicious of the unruly crowd around here. I am including a little gallery of photos below 🙂  
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