The E Litter at 7 Weeks

I worried that we would not be able to take our 7 week photos today because it was quite chilly this afternoon.  However, the wind died down and the sun came out and the puppies had a wonderful time in the garden.

They are fully mobile now and at least two of them can run up the stairs as fast as their mother.  They are doing well eating solid food and they are all getting accustomed to having their nails clipped, although they have also developed stronger opinions about it.  Their bites are excellent so far with their tiny baby teeth.

They go on Tuesday for their vet check up and to have their microchips implanted, and then next weekend, they begin to leave for their new adventures in their forever homes.  I am personally really pleased by how beautiful everyone of these puppies is turning out to be. There is not one that does not have show potential at this point in time.  They have beautiful type, good conformation and wonderful characters.

And now a word about them individually…

Eliana, Elham, Ehsan, Essam (Sammy), Djem, Everest, Einas and Emmelia all seem to know and recognize their names.  (Eshe and Elamira never hold still long enough to see if they know I am calling them or if they are just ignoring me.)

Einas and Emmelia had the biggest changes in the past week.  Einas finally woke up from his first six weeks of extensive napping and he is now very busy chasing his siblings and rough housing.  Einas has grown from being the smallest puppy at birth to being one of the largest and he is quite beautiful.Emmelia also came out of her shell. Although she is naturally the most reserved and demure puppy, she

Emmelia also came out of her shell. Although she is naturally the most reserved and demure puppy, she too, has gotten into the wild play of her siblings.  Her eyes are still puppy blue but they are beginning to change and I imagine that over the next four weeks they will be very deep brown. She is extremely effeminate and elegant.

Elamira, Eliana and Elham are wild things.  Elamira is looking gorgeous.  Her head is exquisite and she appears to be a black brindle, although not as dark as some I have seen.

Eliana is the puppy who looks and acts most like her mother.  Her sweet expression will melt your heart and belies the saucy, sassy personality beneath that facade.

Elham is also growing into a very elegant girl. She is very outgoing and extremely inquisitive about the world around her.  She was one of the first to learn to squeeze under the deck to get into the big dog yard and she loves to go and run with the adult Sloughis.

Everest and Eshe. What can I say? It is impossible to photograph them because they are just. So. Busy.  They entertain themselves with every stick, every bud, everything they can find.  And they never run out of energy.  Watching them exhausts me.

Djem and Ehsan are a click less intense than their very busy brother.  Both are very sweet and very engaging.

Sam is also doing great.  He (along with Everest and Eshe) is also very busy. He is always ecstatically happy and he is working on being a lapdog.

If you are wondering what it is like to live with them, just recall Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

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