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Snow Sloughis 2/11/18

Today is Zina’s third birthday and we are buried in snow!  A few images of the Sloughis enjoying (or not enjoying) the weather. You can click on any photo to see it larger 🙂

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Our Latest Moroccan Import: Welcome, Sultan!

On August 3, 2017, we welcomed Sultan al-Atlas, our gorgeous, new black mantled sand boy who came to us all the way from Casablanca.  We are grateful to his breeder, Taoufik Kourrate, for entrusting us with this beautiful Sloughi. Below are some images of Sultan and his new friends from his arrival and his first…

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They’re here! Our Two New Girls from Morocco

We are extremely happy to announce that Zina and Oualili arrived safely from Morocco on June 22, 2017.  These two exciting imports are 100% Moroccan and represent some of the finest and most authentic North African Sloughis.  Zina is even more gorgeous than we had expected and I cannot wait to get her into the…

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Amiass, Essam and Ehsan at Lure Coursing Practice

We were blessed with gorgeous weather here in northern Illinois for Memorial Day and we took the opportunity to show Amiass and her sons, Essam and Ehsan the lure at lure coursing practice at Leash On Life.  We all had a great time, and with Ami’s interest in the lure, we will be looking for some…

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The E Litter at 12 Weeks

I haven’t had time to do an update since the little ones were about 7 weeks old.  They have kept me awfully busy! The puppies are all doing great in their new homes, getting terribly spoiled and enjoying many life adventures.  I am including some photos of 9 of them below.  I haven’t gotten photos…

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E-Litter Photos at 7+ Weeks

The puppies enjoyed visits this weekend from our friends, Elaine, Donna, Ann and Karen.  They also managed to breach the fence to get into the Big Dog Yard where they experienced the pond and the brook.  Most Sloughis do not like water, but their mother, Amiass, loves frog hunting, so she has always been happy…

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The E Litter at 7 Weeks

I worried that we would not be able to take our 7 week photos today because it was quite chilly this afternoon.  However, the wind died down and the sun came out and the puppies had a wonderful time in the garden. They are fully mobile now and at least two of them can run…

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