Ain Zafir Ejaz


CH Ain Zafir Bariiq x Ain Zafir Djamila
Born August 11, 2010

Ocerico Sloughis welcomes Ain Zafir Ejaz!

Our beautiful black masked, red sand boy arrived on February 3, 2011 from Norway with his black mantled sand brother, Ain Zafir El-Marees. (El-Marees is owned by our friends, Julie and Mya.)

We are amazed at Jasper’s easy going and confident attitude and with his amazingly lovable character. He is co-owned with our dear friend and mentor, Ermine Moreau-Sipière.

Thank you to Maria and Egil of Ain Zafir, Norway!!

Jasper has been a little bit of a late bloomer and we are looking forward to showing him now, at two years of age, looking handsome.  Watch for Jasper in the show ring in 2013!

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