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E Litter

The E Litter at Two Weeks

I was out of town for our National Specialty Show on Friday, when the little dumplings turned two weeks of age, so these photos were not taken until Sunday evening, a couple of days late.  All of their eyes are opened now, and they are beginning to experiment with play and yapping.  They are all thriving…

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The E Litter at One Week of Age

They have nearly doubled in size, and their weights are all within a couple of ounces of one another.  They should start opening their eyes tomorrow, and I expect them all to be open by Sunday.  Other than that, they are super cute and grunt like little hushed duckies quacking.

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E-Litter Day 5

The babies are growing by leaps and bounds and they are plump and glossy.  Some of them are really beginning to walk already.  Their colors continue to change and lighten.  It remains to be seen whether one of these girls is going to be a black brindle or if they will just be dark brindle.…

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The E Litter at 2 Days of Age

Just a little update on the puppies tonight to get a better look at them.  I am getting a lot of inquiries about who is available and who is not.  I am keeping the pick puppy from this litter,  which will likely be the brindle boy, but could be a brindle girl…or one of the…

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