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Intelligence: Goffink's cockatoos make tools

Intelligence : Goffink cockatoos are attacking the tool box

Some wild Goffink cockatoos make tools to get snacks. The animals build tools for levering and cutting so that they can eat fruit. Some Goffink's cockatoos use tools to crack seeds.© Arina_Bogachyova/Getty Images/iStock (detail)

Goffink's cockatoos (Cacatua goffiniana) are known for making and using tools in captivity. The group around biologist Mark O'Hara and behavioral scientist Berenika Mioduszewska from the University of Vienna wanted to find out whether the medium-sized parrots also do this in the wild.

Almost 885 hours of field observation of the birds native to Indonesia revealed nothing, as the team reports in the magazine “Current Biology”. But 2 out of 15 wild birds temporarily housed in an aviary bit off parts of branches and used the splinters as levers to lift the fruit seed of a Cerbera mangha out of its tough shell. A bird also created and inserted a thick wedge to widen the gap between the seed and the shell. The animal then clamped the lever and a cutting tool & nbsp; – that was needed to cut off the parchment-like seed coat & nbsp; – in the gap.

The fact that only two birds used the tools in this way suggests this that this behavior is not innate, but invented or learned socially. Probably before the catch, as the group writes.

© Springer Nature Limited

© Springer Nature Limited
Nature 597, p. 155, 2021

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