Amiass, Essam and Ehsan at Lure Coursing Practice

We were blessed with gorgeous weather here in northern Illinois for Memorial Day and we took the opportunity to show Amiass and her sons, Essam and Ehsan the lure at lure coursing practice at Leash On Life.  We all had a great time, and with Ami’s interest in the lure, we will be looking for some trials and tests in the coming months.

E-Litter Photos at 7+ Weeks

The puppies enjoyed visits this weekend from our friends, Elaine, Donna, Ann and Karen.  They also managed to breach the fence to get into the Big Dog Yard where they experienced the pond and the brook.  Most Sloughis do not like water, but their mother, Amiass, loves frog hunting, so…

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The E Litter at 7 Weeks

I worried that we would not be able to take our 7 week photos today because it was quite chilly this afternoon.  However, the wind died down and the sun came out and the puppies had a wonderful time in the garden. They are fully mobile now and at least…

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The E Litter at Six Weeks

The little darlings have organized into a wild pack of thugs.  They move en masse like a swarm of bees, devouring everything in their paths and taking no prisoners 😉  Trying to keep them clean is a full time job. They are eating very well now, rather voraciously actually.  And…

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The E Litter at Five Weeks

They are not helpless babies anymore!  The E litter is running, leaping, playing…and devouring everything in sight!  They are eating (and wearing) poached chicken, boiled eggs, stewed lamb, organic millet, and lots and lots of whole goat milk.  They are growing by leaps and bounds and they now thoroughly enjoy…

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E Litter Pictures 4/1/17

We had a beautiful, sunny day here and the puppies made it outside for some fresh air, sunshine, and a nap. Unfortunately, the kennel cough we brought home from the specialty has now spread to the puppies and a few of them are coughing.  We are watching them closely and…

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The E Litter at Four Weeks

Well, it is a whole new ball game around here.  The little darlings have turned into a marauding, demanding pack of furry velociraptors.  😉  They are quite mobile now and they have begun eating a bit of solid food together with their goat milk and nursing (although Amiass is less…

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