They’re here! Our Two New Girls from Morocco

We are extremely happy to announce that Zina and Oualili arrived safely from Morocco on June 22, 2017.  These two exciting imports are 100% Moroccan and represent some of the finest and most authentic North African Sloughis.  Zina is even more gorgeous than we had expected and I cannot wait to get her into the show ring.  Oualili is a tiny, diminutive beauty, who weighs only 13 lbs!  (Our E litter boys are weighing in at over 30 lbs right now and they are two weeks younger than Lili.)

I had them shipped into Washington DC this time and it went a lot more smoothly.  However, after driving for three days I am exhausted (and we are getting up early tomorrow to go lure coursing), so I am going to publish a few photos we took of them this evening and I will write further updates in the coming days and weeks.  Suffice it to say that we are in love already!  And…at this time, we have imported more Sloughis from Morocco that anyone else in the US 🙂

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